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In 1519, Spanish explorer, Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, sailed from Jamaica around the Gulf coastline to Mexico.  Pineda is noted as being the first explorer to discover the coastal areas west of Florida.  His 1519 map is the first known document of Texas history and the first map of the entire Gulf Coast region.  Pineda’s expedition not only established accurate boundaries, it also disproved previous ideas of a sea passage to Asia.

As a company, 1519 GIS is continually forging new territory thus revolutionizing the limitless possibilities/solutions GIS mapping can truly offer.  We are continually pushing the envelop by pioneering technologically-forward  products.  1519 GIS was founded by today’s leading expeditioners who believe that by exploring the unknown produces new realities and more advanced solutions.  Our goal is to equip you with cutting-edge products and business solutions that will afford you benefits beyond your horizon.

Our Clients

  • Heart of Texas Council of Governments
  • Thurston Energy
  • Woodbine Acquisition, LLC
  • City of Hewitt, TX
  • City of Robinson, TX
  • City of Meridian, TX
  • City of Clifton, TX
  • City of Cransfills Gap, TX
  • City of Marlin, TX
  • City of Golinda, TX
  • City of Lott, TX
  • City of Rosebud, TX
  • City Fairfield, TX
  • City of Mexia, TX
  • City of Wortham, TX
  • City of Hubbard, TX
  • City of Groesbeck, TX
  • City of Teague, TX
  • City of Hillsboro, TX
  • City of Itasca, TX
  • City of Malone, TX
  • City of Mertens, TX
  • City of Whitney, TX
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