Our Team

1519 GIS was founded in 2012 by David Dossey and Aaron McMillan with the purpose of providing GIS products and services through many different avenues to multiple market segments.  For the past 7 years, Mr. Dossey and Mr. McMillan have used GIS as an integral tool to increasing the efficiencies, and thus profitability, of their survey company (1519 Surveying, LLC).  Through this experience, a separate company (1519 GIS) was developed to share the learned expertise with a wide range of clients.

The high quality products produced by 1519 GIS are a direct result of the varied backgrounds and proficiencies within its staff.  We employ computer programmers in order to customize products by creating functions and products specific to each client’s needs.  Our GIS analysts are able to create maps from any provided database file, or they can construct the database file from any set of data a client may be interested in.  We also utilize cartographers not only to make the maps look great, but to design maps that are more easily used and understood, thus creating efficiencies within any organization.  The close working relationship with our surveying company provides us the option of field verifying and/or collecting new data to be included in any map product.

As varied as our people, we deliver an equally diverse range of products to provide solutions for an assortment of mapping and software needs.  Custom maps can be produced from any source of data and in a multitude formats.  We also offer the ability for our clients to access their GIS maps and other relevant data through a secure website developed specifically for that client.  These sites can include any geospatial data to be mapped at the push of a button, but we can also include non-geospatial data to be accessed through the site by writing custom report functions.  These sites are offered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in which all software and data is hosted by 1519 GIS, thus eliminating the need for our clients to purchase expensive hardware or software.  Additionally, 1519 GIS is involved in developing and providing clients with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems that integrate GIS into the application and are offered through the SaaS model.

We look forward to working with you to fully understand your needs and to assess which product(s) would be most beneficial to your organization.

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